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The movie (known as Seven Sisters in Canada, France, Italy and Slovakia) is a 2017 dystopian science fiction thriller film, written by Max Botkin and Kerry Williamson, directed by Tommy Wirkola and starring Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, and Willem Dafoe.Netflix bought the streaming rights to the film for the United States and other markets. Netflix released the film on August 18, 2017.





Around the year 2043 overpopulation has caused a worldwide crisis, resulting in a strict one-child policy enforced by the Child Allocation Bureau. When multiple children are born to one mother, all but the eldest are put into cryosleep.


What Happened to Monday 2017 Online Sa Prevodom / Plot

Karen Settman dies while giving birth to identical septuplet sisters. Their grandfather Terrence names them after the days of the week and trains them to pose as a single individual named after their mother, and to leave the house only on the day of their name.

To safeguard their secret, Terrence ensures they share information on a daily basis and replicates any accident that affects one of the sisters’ physical appearance. The sisters develop a system of wigs and makeup to cover any identifying features.

In 2073, as Sunday returns from her job at a bank, she sees C.A.B. agents detain a child as onlookers protest. The siblings watch the recorded incident and debate turning themselves in, finally agreeing to continue their act. The following day, Monday prepares her disguise as Karen, nervous about giving a presentation.

At a checkpoint, Monday runs into Adrian Knowles, a C.A.B. agent who flirts with her. At the bank, Monday's co-worker Jerry, a competitor for a promotion, hints at blackmailing her. When Monday fails to return home, Tuesday retraces her steps.

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Tuesday learns Monday got the promotion and met Jerry at a bar. Before she can investigate further, C.A.B. agents detain her and cut off her communications. Adrian sees Tuesday being escorted to a cell, where she then meets Nicolette Cayman, head of the Bureau and a candidate for parliament.

Cayman explains she knows about Tuesday's siblings, and, when Tuesday offers a bribe, Cayman reveals Monday offered the same deal. Cayman orders C.A.B. agents to then assassinate Tuesday's sisters.

Finally C.A.B. agents use a severed eye to bypass a retinal scanner at the Settman home. Thursday ambushes the agents as they arrest the other siblings. The sisters kill the agents, but Sunday dies. Learning the eye is Tuesday's, the sisters suspect Jerry may have sold them out.

The next day, Wednesday leaves without disguising herself and confronts Jerry. He reveals “Karen” got the promotion when she sent millions of euros to Cayman to fund her campaign. After a C.A.B. sniper kills him, Wednesday then kills several C.A.B. agents and flees.

As the others remotely guide Wednesday to safety, Adrian then shows up at the apartment, concerned about “Karen”. Thursday then convinces Saturday to leave with Adrian, who has had a long-term sexual relationship with one of the sisters.

Pretending to be Karen, Saturday has sex with Adrian and also covertly links their bracelets, allowing Friday to hack into C.A.B. headquarters. On a video feed, they apparently find Monday in a holding cell.

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