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At the Sawyer homestead, a birthday party is being held by the family matriarch Verna Sawyer (Lili Taylor) for the youngest member of the Sawyer family, Jedidiah. As his birthday present and to induct him into the murderous family rituals, he is presented with a chainsaw and is urged to slaughter a man who they have accused of attempting to steal from them. Jed refuses, visibly disturbed, and the victim is killed by Grandpa Sawyer.





In 1955, couple Betty Hartman and Ted Hardesty are driving down a country road when they come across the seemingly wounded Jedidiah Sawyer. Betty follows him to a dilapidated barn, where she is promptly killed by the Sawyer family. Despite the efforts of Verna, Hartman quickly takes Jedidiah into custody as revenge, sending him to a mental institutionknown as the Gorman House Youth Reformery.



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Ten years later, recently-hired nurse Elizabeth White (Vanessa Grasse) forms a bond with patients Bud and Jackson (Sam Strike) at the Gorman House. The group arrives at a rest stop diner shortly after changing clothes. Following an altercation with waitress Tammy.

Hartman arrives on the scene with Deputy Sorells (Finn Jones) and discovers that one of the escaped inmates is in fact Jedidiah. That night, the escapees take refuge in an abandoned mobile home where Clarice and Ike engage in sexual intercourse, revealing her scarred body and involving the corpse of the former home owner in the debauchery.

While everyone is asleep. Ike continually insults Bud, provoking him to brutalize him to death when the others aren't around. The next morning, Clarice notices Ike is missing and heads off to find him; Jackson and Elizabeth find Bud sleeping on Ike's corpse and quickly take him away.


 leatherface 2017 online sa prevodom




Jackson and Bud continue on with Elizabeth in tow. Bud's death sends Jackson into a rage, as he kills the Deputy and has Elizabeth drive them in the deputy's vehicle in attempt to reach safety.

Later that night, Elizabeth awakes handcuffed in Hartman's car and answers a dispatch call, alerting Sorells to her location. Verna feeds Sorells to her pigs and then gathers the family to converge on Hartman's location. Finally at the barn, Hartman takes Elizabeth and the injured Jackson hostage, revealing that Jackson is Jedidiah Sawyer. Back at the Sawyer home, Verna stitches the remnants of the mentally-scarred Jedidiah Sawyer's face and applies a muzzle to hold them together.

She then leads him into a room where his siblings are holding Elizabeth and Hartman captive. She gifts Jedidiah with his original chainsaw and Elizabeth watches on in horror as he bisects Hartman to death. As the family celebrates, Elizabeth flees into the woods while the Sawyers give chase. Elizabeth attempts to appeal to Jedidiah's sympathy, while Verna encourages him to kill her to protect their family.


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