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Jungle 2017 Online Sa Prevodom

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The movie is a 2017 Australian biographical survival drama film made by Greg McLean and also by Justin Monjo. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe, Alex Russell, Thomas Kretschmann, Yasmin Kassim, Joel Jackson and Jacek Koman. In the early 1980s, an Israeli adventurer named Yossi Ghinsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) travels to Bolivia for a journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. There, he meets Marcus Stamm, a Swiss school teacher, and Marcus's friend Kevin Gale, an American hiker and avid photographer.


Arriving at La Paz, Yossi meets a mysterious Austrian, Karl Ruchprecter, who claims the existence of a lost Indian tribe and suggests searching in the jungle for them. Yossi believes him, and convinces Marcus and Kevin to join him hiking in the jungle.


Jungle 2017 Online Sa Prevodom / Plot

Yossi, Marcus, Kevin and also Karl hike through the jungle for several days. When Marcus’ feet are hurt, Yossi wants him to leave the quest. Karl and Marcus decide to leave the journey and go back to La Paz, which takes three days.

This is a true story of a group of 3 friends traveling in south America, Yossi (Israeli), Kevin (American) and Marcus (Swiss) who decides to join a guide (Karl) that promises a tour of uncharted territories of the Amzon to meet lost tribes. they take minimum food and intend of hunting the rest. Walking in the jungle turned out to be harder than they anticipated: the rain, the fire ants, monkeys and tigers. at one point Karl shot a monkey and cooked him as dinner. Gentle heart-ed, Marcus couldn't eat it.

A slight tare is ripped between the friends since Yossi and Kevin think that Marcus is too soft. After few days in the jungle Marcus starts to suffer from blisters on his feet and can not continue the track. The group wishes to end their journey but they are spit on how: on a raft down the river or by food on the unmarked trail.


jungle 2017 online sa prevodom

Jungle 2017 Online Sa Prevodom / Plot 2

Yossi resents Marcus for making them end this long anticipated trip. He then decides to join Kevin on the raft. Marcus and Karl continue by foot and they part ways.  The day after, Yossi and Kevin are drafted to a dangerous point in which is impossible to use their raft but they are unable to stop it: luckily the raft gets stack on a rock and Kevin jumps out to help Yossi out.

But then the raft breaks down and the river is sweeping Yossi down and under the stream! Yossi finds himself alone and afraid in the jungle. He finds his bag few days later but that gives him little help. Yossi tries to use the map he has but its too vague. Hungry, alone and desperate he continues to go down the river, eating developed eggs and walking is circles, loosing weight and hallucinating: of seeing his friends, of meeting a lost girl and taking care of her.

This whole time Kevin, based in a village near the river, tries to find him. Nobody believes that his friend is still alive. But that does not discourage him. They use a plane but they can not sop him (although Yossi did see it), and then hires a local native and his boat.


jungle 2017 online sa prevodom


After more then 20 days Kevin finds Yossi and brings him back with him to the village. Yossi and Kevin continue their journey until their makeshift raft falls apart by a strong current, the river then pulls Yossi away, leaving Kevin behind. Without a knife or any kind of survival training, he must then improvise shelter and forage to survive. Ghinsberg begins to give up hope after losing all sense of direction, moreover wondering if he will ever survive the jungle. Meanwhile, Kevin is found by people from the local town who take him to Rurrenabaque which is 120 miles from Yossi's location, Curiplaya.

Arriving there, Kevin then called for the help of the local authorities to find Yossi. They failed to find Yossi through a plane flyover, but Kevin believes that Yossi is alive. Kevin then ropes in the help of the local boat driver to search for him. Kevin finally discovers a now-weak Yossi and takes him to Rurrenabaque. Continuing along with that thought, Jungle seemingly makes it a point to demonstrate just how brutal humanity’s instincts become when facing life or death peril.

It can’t be denied that the film does fall into some cliché traps occasionally (there are fairly amateurish hallucination sequences that are obvious to catch); the script is all around shoddy. With that said, filming on location this grueling tale of the human spirit’s resiliency and drive to not perish adds layers of authenticity that propel the flick up a few notches in quality. Unfortunately, there are also some really bad CGI distractions, but for the most part, it feels like we are there with the characters, especially when the focus has settled in on solely Yossi. Appropriate jungle-themed music definitely enhances the atmosphere and is another positive point worthy of mention.


jungle 2017 online sa prevodom

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