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While holding a crying baby, a woman fights with and kills a man, presumably her husband. Four years later, Angela (Gina Gershon) and Brian (Nicolas Cage) have a four-year-old daughter named Cora. The three are a happy, close family. Both are doctors, though Angela is on leave to be a full-time mom.



A friend of Angela's, Linda, introduces Angela to Katie. Katie's four-year-old daughter Maddie hits it off with Cora. Katie says she left an abusive husband but does not elaborate. She also refuses to have her photo taken. Brian's mother, Donna, (Faye Dunaway) dislikes Katie from the start and questions her background, sensing something is off about her.



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Angela confides to Katie she had trouble conceiving so used an egg donor for Cora and is now pregnant again. Devastated after a miscarriage, she invites Katie to move into the guest house and be a part-time nanny while she recovers. One night, knowing Brian is watching, Katie steps naked into the pool.

Katie uses her free time in the house to go snoop through Angela and Brian's belongings, envious of their family. Angela comes home after work one day and catches Katie having sex in the guest house with whom she thinks is Brian, but is actually a woman (later revealed to be Linda).

After the initial embarrassment, Angela relaxes somewhat and trusts Katie more, not believing she would ever have any interest in Brian. Linda excitedly tells Katie that Angela is going to ask Linda to be their surrogate, but Katie can barely hide how it upsets her.

Apparently Angela has one embryo left from the same donor that Cora was conceived from, and she wants to use that so the two can be full siblings. Katie confides to Linda that she is the donor, and that her daughter Maddie was also hers but born from a mother in Maine.


inconceivable 2017 online sa prevodom


Katie abducted Maddie as a baby because “the mother didn't take care of her” and now she worries that Cora is not getting enough attention either and wants to take her. She drowns Linda in a lake, and a couple later finds her body. Four months later, Katie is carrying Angela and Brian's baby (and unknown to them, her own baby).

Donna asks Angela what Katie get out of it. Angela says Katie will be paid forty thousand dollars and that she does not expect anything else. It is revealed in a flashback that Katie, whose real name is Tara, can no longer have her own children. As Katie's behavior gets stranger and more delusional – Angela catches Katie lying to a mother in a park about both girls being her twin daughters – Angela becomes more suspicious. Brian says everything will be fine when the baby comes, after which Katie will move on with her life.

A couple months later, Angela and Brian tell Katie they are getting a full-time nanny, and Katie angrily accuses them of wanting a complete stranger to raise their child. Brian defends her and says she just has different beliefs than them. It becomes clear that Angela and Brian are not as happy any more.



inconceivable 2017 online sa prevodom

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