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A five-year-old blue tang is practicing introducing herself with her parents, Charlie (voice of Eugene Levy) and Jenny (voice of Diane Keaton). “Hi, I'm Dory, and I have short-term remembory loss.” They start a game of hide-and-seek with her, but as soon as she starts counting, she forgets about the game.

Seeing the look on her parents’ faces, she says “Did I forget again?” Jenny tells her not to worry, and she asks what will happen if she forgets her parents. “Would you ever forget me?” Jenny says, “We will never forget you, Dory. And we know you'll never forget us.



Finally after Dory and Marlin rescued his son, Nemo (voice of Hayden Rolence), she stays with them at the Great Barrier Reef. They all swim up to Mr. Ray (voice of Bob Peterson), who is leading the class on a field trip. Dory volunteers to go along as an assistant and Mr. Ray reluctantly agrees.

He talks to the class about migration and tells them that it's about going home. One kid asks Dory where her home is. The word “home” triggers a flash of a memory in her mind but she quickly loses it. Mr. Ray takes the class to the edge of the reef and reminds them to be careful of the undertow.

Again, the word makes Dory remember something but she soon gets lost in thought. A school of rays swims by causing the grass to sway in their wake. Becasue the swaying grass entrances Dory who remembers two fish saying “Watch out, kelpcake,” and “You have to stay away from the undertow.



Finding Dory 2016 Online Sa Prevodom / Plot

Mr. Ray finds her lying in the sand and she murmurs “Jewel of Morro Bay, California.” When she wakes up, she realizes that she had a memory, something that never happened before. When Marlin arrives, Dory is still excited about the memory although she can't remember what it was.

Nemo repeats what she had said and she has a flood of memories. She remembers her family and realizes that they're still out in the ocean, somewhere, with no idea where she is. She sets out for the Jewel of Morro Bay with Marlin and Nemo following to keep her out of trouble. Marlin has an idea for how to get where they're going quickly.

Finally Marlin's friend, a turtle named Crush (voice of Andrew Stanton), has the three of them on his shell, taking them through the California current. They jump off and see a sunken container ship, and a group of hermit crabs taking cover. The crabs shush Dory when she tries to ask for help, triggering another memory.

Finally as a young fish, she swam past a sunken ship and asked a group of crabs for help finding her parents, Jenny and Charlie, and they quickly shushed her. Back in the present, she tells Marlin that she remembers her parents’ names. She swims around shouting their names with the crabs still trying to shush her. She swims up to a container and a squid pops out and chases her.

Because the three of them swim as fast as they can with the squid in pursuit.


finding dory 2016 online sa prevodom

Finding Dory 2016 Online Sa Prevodom / Plot 2

Marlin grabs Nemo and a container hits the floor causing the trio to be launched to safety, landing in a kelp bed. Marlin rushes over to console his trembling son and Dory asks if she can do anything to help.

Finally Hurt, Dory decides to go get help and she swims off, unseen. She hears a voice (Sigourney Weaver) say “Won't you please join us as we explore the wonders of the Pacific Ocean and the amazing life it holds within. Witness the majesty of the beluga whale…” Confused, she follows the mysterious voice.

When Marlin realizes that she swam off, he goes out to find her and sees a pair of hands scoop her out of the water. Because the humans pull her into their boat and remove the plastic ring around her. Then they put her in a cooler and shut the lid. The ship heads toward the shore with Marlin and Nemo frantically swimming after it. They hear a voice say, ” Welcome to the Marine Life Institute, where we believe in rescue, rehabilitation and release.” And then, the boat goes out of sight.

The cooler lid opens and two staff workers dump Dory into a large tank and clip an orange tag to her fin and then leave the room. A seven-legged octopus named Hank (voice of Ed O'Neill) had been disguising himself against a wall by changing color to match it.

Because he slips over to Dory's tank asking her why she's in Quarantine. Spotting her tag, he tells her that she's going to be transported to an aquarium in Cleveland. She says that she has to find her family in the Jewel of Morro Bay and he responds that she's already there.


finding dory 2016 online sa prevodom


“You mean, I'm from here? I'm from here!” Hank tells her that if she gives him her tag, she'll be able to stay and find her parents, while he goes to the aquarium. She asks why he wants to go there and he says he doesn't want to be released back into the ocean since he has bad memories from there.

He just wants to go to Cleveland and live the rest of his life alone. Dory agrees to give him her tag, after he helps her find her parents. He grabs an empty coffee pot and uses it to scoop her out of the tank.

Finally Outside, Marlin and Nemo swim up to the building, finding a pair of sea lions, Fluke (voice of Idris Elba) and Rudder (voice of Dominic West), who explain that in the Institute, fish are rehabilitated and released, as they themselves were recently. Marlin tells them that he needs to get in the building and they say they know a way and then make strange “Oo-roo” noises.


finding dory 2016 online sa prevodom


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