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In 1892, Wesley Quaid and his family are under assault by a Comanche war party who then kill and scalp him. And kill his three children, but his wife Rosalie manages to escape capture, hiding in a thicket. In Fort Berringer, New Mexico, Captain Joseph Blocker rounds up an escaping Apache family and brings them to the fort. So he is then going to the office of Colonel Abraham Biggs. Who informs him of his final orders before retirement. Direct from the President: escort dying Cheyenne war chief, Yellow Hawk. And also his family back to their tribal lands in Montana.

He reluctantly accepts, facing a court-martial if he doesn't, despite his history with the chief, including the murders of several friends. He chooses a detail to accompany him: Private “Frenchie” DeJardin, the youngest; Lieutenant Kidder, fresh from West Point; and old friend 1st Sergeant Metz and Corporal Woodson, a Buffalo Soldier. They begin their journey, but diverge from their path to investigate the charred Quaid house. Inside they find the emotionally scarred Rosalie, who, though initially hostile towards the Cheyenne family because of the previous attack, agrees to sleep in their camp after coaxing from Blocker.